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“Thoroughly worthwhile, so much was covered.”


Human Givens College, and its forerunner MindFields College, have been providing training in the best ways to treat mental health and behavioural problems for over twenty years.

As well as giving you essential psychological knowledge and proven practical skills, our down-to-earth training has introduced new research and insights into the causes and drivers of common conditions such as depression, addiction, anxiety disorders, trauma and psychosis which, when combined with the human givens framework for mental health, are revolutionising effective treatment.

Cost-effective, evidence-based training

Over 12,000 people (including, psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, counsellors, social workers, teachers, police, clergy, youth workers and interested members of the public) have attended our seminars and workshops around the UK.

As a result of their human givens psychotherapy training, they now help people overcome addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD, phobias, OCD, anger, stress and even psychosis much more easily and effectively – reducing suffering and costs.

Now you can benefit too

With the launch of our online training, you have the opportunity to 'attend' our ground-breaking courses from anywhere in the world, at any time – saving you money and helping make your work easier and more effective.

Our intention is to make available online as many of our current courses as possible over the next year or so. These won't replace our directly taught days, but it means more people can benefit from our clear no-nonsense training and gain access to the high quality, practical information it provides.

Suitable for all

All of our courses are presented in clear language without jargon, so as well as being perfect for CPD training (you will receive a certificate on successful completion of each course) for a wide range of professions, they are just as suitable for the interested general public or anyone wishing to embark on a career in psychotherapy or counselling.

Count towards a Diploma

Our online courses count towards Part I of the highly regarded Human Givens Diploma – so by taking one of these courses online, you could be on the way to gaining this qualification.

The knowledge and skills taught on the Diploma are proving beneficial for a wide range of professionals, click here to what they say about it.

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