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Why choose our courses?

  • Proven track record: our training is helping people recover their lives as quickly as possible
  • 10,000s of satisfied health, welfare and educational professionals have attended our one- and two-day courses
  • All of our tutors are experts working in their field
  • You will gain new information and groundbreaking insights that are improving the treatment of a wide range of conditions
  • Practical and informative ‒ each course gives you the essential information you need to know about a subject, with additional clearly presented materials
  • You will come away with a much richer understanding of the problem area and ‒ most importantly ‒ knowledge of the best ways to help people regain and maintain their mental health
  • Presented in clear, jargon-free language they are suitable for everyone ‒ whether you're a professional looking to increase your effectiveness or someone interested for personal reasons
  • You can study at your own convenience and pace
  • Our training helps improve services and save organisations money
  • Perfect for continuing professional development (CPD), you gain a CPD certificate on completion
  • Courses count towards the Human Givens Diploma Course

Take a look at our full range of courses below

Once you've enroled on a course, you have six months' access to it. CPD certificates are available on completion. All of our online courses also count towards Part 1 of the Human Givens Diploma.

Understanding Anxiety

– and managing it without drugs

Essential information – discover the quickest, most effective ways to reduce all sorts of anxiety and help people take back control of their lives


How to break the cycle
of depression

Vital information for anyone affected by depression ‒ includes new insights and research findings which dramatically improve recovery rates and help prevent relapse


From Stress to Psychosis

How to prevent mental illness

New insights into the causes of mental illness, including severe conditions like schizophrenia, are explaining distressing symptoms and reducing suffering...


Tackling Addiction

Understanding and treating all types of addictive behaviour

Discover why we are all vulnerable to addiction, what causes and drives addictions – and the best ways to beat them


Effective brief psychotherapy

– make a difference today

Discover how to make a positive difference – whatever the problem – using the key concepts and skills encompassed in human givens therapy


Effective Anger Management

Have you ever felt powerless in the face of anger? If so, this practical and highly informative course is for you – learn how to take back control...


How to make counselling more effective

If you advise, treat or counsel disturbed or distressed people, this could be the most important course you ever take...


Why do we dream?

Joe Griffin reviews past theories and new research findings (all of which add further evidence in support of his ground-breaking theory) as he tells the riveting story of how he solved the mystery of our dreams...


Dreaming, daydreaming and creativity

Ivan Tyrrell's fascinating talk from the HG Diploma course throws new light on our evolution as he explains the crucial role of the REM state and much more...


More courses coming online...

Over the last year we have been continually adding our one-day courses to our online course platform and we will be adding further courses as soon as possible. If you'd like to be kept informed about new courses, please sign up for our free email updates at the top of this page.

Our psychotherapy training on key mental health and behavioural issues ‒ such as depression, anxiety, addiction and anger management ‒ is the ideal way to increase your effectiveness and further your professional development.

By bringing our courses online we hope more people worldwide will be able to benefit from the clear information and the practical, proven help they contain.

Diploma Course

Our online courses also count towards the Human Givens Diploma

This is a highly practical psychotherapy course that is revolutionising the successful treatment, understanding and prevention of mental and emotional health issues that affect all human beings.